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Hideaway Savvy

Born from my passion for textiles and handcrafted artisanal products, Hideaway Savvy showcases a bespoke collection of treasures from Sri Lanka, India and beyond.

Having chosen a dress code of sarong, suited for the tropics and the day to day running of Hideaway, I came to appreciate the labour of love that is behind every hand printed fabric. As more of our guests asked about the Anokhi sarongs, we began to sell them.

The carefully curated range grew and Hideaway Savvy graduated into a container space, and then our free standing shop front. The purpose built space encompasses a selection of clothing, jewellery and home wares - from the linens we use in our rooms to bespoke notebooks and paper products that are zero waste and made especially for us, hand woven dhurrie rugs, and our eco-friendly line.

Locating the source, and visiting the workshop is a crucial part of the process when I select stock, as I learn more about the people and the story behind each product.

We look forward to welcoming you to our store, and hope that you appreciate our aesthetic sense.

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